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        Ange lighting Co.,Ltd located in shangyu Economic developing area of zhejiang province is specializing in fluorescent lamp filaments, energy-saving lamp filaments and automatic equipment for the production of filaments. The company was founded in 1991. There are more than 300 employees now and more than 20000 square meters. The company can product more than 5billion pieces of filaments per year with 500 series.
    The enterprise not only follow 6S management and TQM,but also build up a set of advanced management system. Relies on high quality products and well marketing performance, it has won good reputation in the industry.
    For the decades efforts, it has been developed to be the head of Chinese energy-saving lamp filament factories, mainly supplying to hundreds of well-known domestic and foreign energy-saving lamp companies. The powerful research and development ability is the security to meet the customers needs and professional services.


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